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Enjoy Private Whale Watching Tours In Kona

private whale watching tours in Kona

Have you ever thought about going on private whale watching tours in Kona?

Private boat tours in Kona are the best and most convenient ways to enjoy private whale watching on the island.

The Big Island is one of the favorite Hawaiian islands to observe humpback whales when they go to Hawaii each year between November and April (whale season)! Oahu, Maui, and Kauai are three other fantastic islands for whale watching.

There are numerous ways to encounter these magnificent creatures. The whales can be heard underwater, seen from land, or closely observed from a boat. The best is through private whale watching tours in Kona.


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Why Do The Whales Come To Kona?

Since humpback whales are a migratory species, they move yearly between (sub)tropical regions and the chilly waters near the poles. The North Pacific whale population migrates up to 16,000 miles annually, but on average, whales only cover 6,000 miles annually. As a result, humpback whales are among the mammals that move the most.

You might wonder why whales travel to Hawaii.

The winters are frigid for humpback whales so they relocate to our warmer tropical waters.  They spend the summer grazing and storing fat reserves before mating, and then relocate to warm water to give birth in a protected environment free from natural predators.

What are the best places for private whale watching tours in Kona?

Most of the whale watching tours in Kona are on the Big Island’s northwestern shore. The tours leaving from Kona are the best for whale watching. Sunlight On Waters private whale watching tours in Kona is your best bet for whale watching on the island.

What are the best months for private whale watching tours in Kona?

Late in November, the first whales begin to arrive on the Big Island. As the season goes on, more whales come, and by January and February, their numbers are at their highest. Late April or early May sees the whales leave Hawaii once more. This means that the best months to watch whales are January and February.

What is the best private whale watching tour in Kona?

Sunlight On Waters private whale watching tour in Kona is the best whale watching tour on the island. The size of the vessel is the key difference between private whale watching tour in Kona. Small boats offer a more individualized experience and greater flexibility but frequently have fewer facilities. We prefer whale viewing excursions on larger ships as a result.

Best time of day to go for private whale watching tours in Kona?

We have a small preference for whale trips that take place early in the day because that is when the ocean is the calmest, even though whales are active all day. Whale sightings are easier when the ocean is calm. You can enjoy whale watching on private boat tours.

Private Whale Watching Tours in Kona

Going on private boat tours is one of the easiest and best methods to see the whales. The humpback whales may be seen up close and personal on tours, which is an amazing experience. You might also encounter dolphins, turtles, or even whale sharks in addition to the whales!

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