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Adult Ages 13 & Up
Child Ages 12 & under
Ride Along

Feeling adventurous? Check this item off your bucket list as we take it to the next level when you join us for an advanced, deep ocean excursion!

Our wild safari style trip will take you along the majestic Kona coast, beyond the reefs, where the sea floor ledge drops dramatically to roughly 6,000′ of water. We will comfortably cruise the open ocean as we search for marine life to observe and responsibly interact with.

The Big Island is incredibly unique, truly the only island where you can experience it all. From snowcapped volcanoes, spewing laving, right down to the ocean floor that is home to Kona coast manta rays, you’re in for an experience unlike any other.

Our coastline is teeming with underwater life! While we cannot guarantee sightings of specific species or control the movement of these magical creatures, we have the potential to encounter and swim with varying species that frequent our waters and call the Big Island home. This includes but is not limited to whales (humpback, pilot, false killer), whale sharks, sharks (oceanic whitetip, reef, tiger), rays (Kona manta rays, eagle rays), sea turtles, dolphins (bottlenose, spotted, rough-toothed), fish, and more of our pelagic (open ocean) inhabitants. Every day on the water is different and the potential is endless!

At four hours, this is our longest tour offered, and gives you the best chance at unique deep blue oceanic sightings and interactions. Snorkeling is always included and we look forward to sharing “off the beaten path”, untouched reefs with you that are handpicked by our seasoned Captains and only accessible by boat.

Your safety is our top priority and why we have only experienced, Lifeguard+CPR certified crew working on board. Rest assured you will ride comfortably in our 40′ USCG approved vessel, never booked to capacity, ensuring a more intimate and relaxing experience. We are equipped with a shaded canopy, warm fresh water shower, bathroom, and always stay fully stocked with a variety of fresh fruits, snacks, and beverages to enjoy!

This tour is generally not recommended for children.

Requirements to Book: (Does Not Apply to Ride Along Passengers)

  • Must be a strong swimmer
  • Must be comfortable with bursts of fast paced activity and quick paced movement
  • Must be able to climb a vertical ladder in and out of the water