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Should you go on a private boat tour on the Big Island?

Take your friends and loved ones out on a special private boat tour on the Big Island to explore Hawaii’s natural splendor! At Sunlight on Water, we offer a variety of  cruises for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a romantic Hawaii boat cruise for two or a thrilling private boat tour on the Big Island for families and friends, Sunlight on Water private boat tours are your best bet!

Once you’re on a private boat tour on the Big Island, it will be you and your friends or loved ones and the crew. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself as much as you want while at sea.

Why Go On A Private Boat Tour On The Big Island?

Hire a private boat for a large group luxury sail event, and its also perfect for a corporate event or party. You can also charter your own boat for fishing, snorkeling, or sightseeing trip with a group of friends or family members.

private boat tour on the big island

Professional crews take care of all of your needs and offer you any equipment or assistance you might need. You can get the ideal private boat tour on the Big Island regardless of what your needs are. Whether it’s a family fishing trip, a group snorkeling excursion among colorful reefs, or simply a leisurely sunset cruise with drinks and small bites.

Explore The Waters With Private Boat Tours On The Big Island

You have the freedom to travel however you like with a private boat tour on the Big Island. You get to customize your vacation. Whether it’s snorkeling in the best locations or relaxing in Hawaii’s calmest bays. Please get in touch with us through the contact page found at the bottom of this page if you’re seeking a customized experience and have questions about how we can help.

A Private Boat Tour On The Big Island Is Suitable For Multiple Events

Sunlight on Water private boat tours on the Big Island are suitable for a range of different activities including weddings, business parties, and movie shoots. We can arrange for you to enjoy whatever activity you like on the Big Island, whether it’s a private manta ray snorkel, a sunset cruise, or something else.

Our boats come with all the amenities you’ll need for a great time, including roomy seats, toilets, and plenty of space to walk around. In order to satisfy you and your guests, we also provide a range of beverage and snack choices.

Why choose Sunlight on Water Private Boat Tour on the Big Island?

Sunlight on Water’s private boat tours is the best private charter for your trip on the Big Island. It is one of Big Island’s best private charter experiences, with first-rate service.

Our private boat charter offers exceptional choices for extra services not offered on any other Kona-based vessels including top-notch food and beverage selections, and individualized service from our Sunlight on Water private charter crews.

The Big Island is perfect for weddings, business meetings, filming, and providing top-notch private boat service to visitors seeking a unique experience in a secluded environment. We welcome your call and look forward to discussing your needs and potential Big Island boat charter choices.

Contact us for a private boat tour on the Big Island

We advise scheduling a private charter for one of our boats well in advance. This will make it more likely that the dates you want to join us will be open. The options are really limitless, therefore we advise getting in touch with us so we can assist you in coming up with customizing your experience for your private boat tour on the Big Island.