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Quick Details

What to bring:

  • Sunglasses
  • Light jacket or sweatshirt
  • Your camera

What is provided:

  • Variety of light snacks
  • Hot beverages (coffee, tea, hot chocolate)
  • Cold beverages (water, sparkling water, soda)
  • We also welcome you to bring your own beverage of choice onboard.

Our boat:

40′ vessel with shade, dry storage, and bathroom. One of the most comfortable around!

Standard Admission

Join us as we cruise the Kona coastline, in the shadow of volcanoes, beneath a gorgeous Hawaiian sunset!

Sit back and relax, enjoy the island glow as we take in the wonders of the Big Island!

As we leave the harbor, we’ll be on the lookout for turtles, eagle rays, and monk seals. Keep your eyes peeled as we make our way north, scanning for volcanoes, dolphins, whales, and more! Ultimately, reaching our destination, the manta ray site!

In order to draw the oceanic manta rays up to the surface for observation, we shine thousands of lumens of light into the ocean below. This process creates a plankton frenzy underneath our lightboards, queue the manta rays gracefully rolling and feeding as we watch from deck!

These angelic mantas are the second largest species of manta ray in the WORLD and live exclusively here on the Kona coast their entire lives!

While we cannot guarantee the specific sighting of any animal species, we can guarantee you’ll walk away having had an experience. We care about our island, it’s inhabitants, and our guests. You’ll leave with a deeper appreciation and learn some fun marine and geological facts!

The beauty of the coastline is guaranteed to dazzle you.

Note: This trip does not snorkel or enter the water.