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Kona whale watching tours

You can get the best out of your Kona whale watching tours if you get your preparations right. Kona whale watching tours are rated among the most exciting and breathtaking tours on earth. We’ve shared some relevant tips to make it easier for you to have a whale of a time during your Kona whale watching tours.

Top tips to enjoy your Kona whale watching tours

Get the right gear

The outside decks are always the best spots for whale watching. We strongly suggest having waterproof gear so you can be as comfortable as possible during whale watching. Other gear include a hat, sunglasses, extra batteries, binoculars, and camera etc. We always advise being ready for any weather because the whales will appear in any weather conditions.

Talk to the crew about Kona whale watching tours

Your best source of information about whale sighting and other marine animals are the crew and captain. The crew will be pleased to answer all of your questions and share their best whale watching advice with you. Whether you’re in a private boat tour or a public one, you can have conversations with the crew.


Kona whale watching tours


Have your camera ready

You’ll definitely get some amazing pictures from the boat, whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur phone user. Make sure your camera is ready and charged if you want to get the best whale pictures. If you’re using your phone, we always advise switching to video mode so you can see the whales breaching, diving, or surfacing. You wouldn’t want to miss any moment of your Kona whale watching tours.

Be patient during Kona whale watching tours

Although whales are often unpredictable, if you keep an eye on a particular whale’s behavior, you might be able to predict its next move. It’s crucial to exercise patience because the humpback whales often rest for about 3 to 8 minutes.

You should keep an eye out in the direction the whale was swimming in when you last spotted it. All you have to do is pick a viewing point and remain there. The captain will maneuver the boat to ensure that each side of the boat gets the finest views. You can also experience manta ray snorkel adventure in Kona.

Join an enthusiastic Kona whale watching tour

The whales will always come first for good Kona whale watching tours companies. Instead of being driven by a passion for money, they based their company around their love of whales. If a researcher or knowledgeable tour guide offers you a thorough talk before, during, and/or after your trip, that is a good sign that you’re with the right company.

A fantastic tour guide will be an evangelist who is eager to inform you about whales, their environment, and their problems. And once you encounter a whale, he or she will always be a little overjoyed. This energy and enthusiasm ought to rush over to you. And some whale watching tour companies encourage research if you’re interested in researching the beautiful sea creatures.

What is the best whale watching tour in Kona?

You’ll find various Kona whale watching tours companies on the island. A good place to start is Sunlight on Water’s Kona whale watching tours. These tours are rated among the best Kona whale watching tours. If you prefer private boat charter tours, you can get them from Sunlight on Water. Even more, you can whale watch and reef snorkel in Kona.