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Best Snorkeling Vacations In Kona 1

Are you ready for the best snorkeling vacations in Kona?

The island is one of the most breathtaking places on earth where you can enjoy amazing snorkeling vacations. Since there are several snorkeling spots on the island, choosing the right one might seem tricky. We’ve selected some great spots for the best snorkeling vacations in Kona.

Exciting locations for the best snorkeling vacations in Kona

Honokohau / “Kona Dog” Beach

Honokohau Beach is one of the great locations for the best snorkeling vacations in Kona. The beach forma a little crescent that is home to some fish species. The water is shallow and can occasionally be choppy. You’ll spot an amazing tide pools and a little wetland on the trail leading to the beach. It’s a short stroll from the harbor to get there, and the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. Please remember to take everything you bring in off the beach because there are no facilities there. Dogs are allowed on this beach, that’s why it gets the name “Kona Dog” Beach.


Best Snorkeling Vacations In Kona 1


King Kamehameha / Kamakahonu Beach

The two names for this beach are Kamakahonu and King Kamehameha Beach. This safe swimming location is great for kids and families, and the tiny beach is surrounded by grassy berms and walking routes. You’ll enjoy snorkeling in the shallow waters of this beautiful beach.

King Kamehameha’s private heiau (temple) has also been magnificently restored. You are welcome to stroll up to the edge of the heiau, which is pronounced “HEY-ow,” and snap photos there. However, you’re expected to respect the monument by not touching or entering it. You’ll also find several amenities near this beach. Kamakahonu Beach is one of the amazing locations for the best snorkeling vacations in Kona.

Kahalu’u Beach Park

Kahalu’u Beach Park has so much to discover! The shallow water is teeming with life. This is a fantastic place to introduce someone to Kona snorkeling if they are new to the sport or if you are still getting used to your snorkel gear. The swimming area is shielded by a bordering reef as such the water is usually quiet. In addition to food trucks, you’ll observe lifeguards are keeping an eye out for your safety. Kahalu’u Beach Park is quite entertaining and crowded. Kahalu’u Beach Park is one of the amazing locations for the best snorkeling vacations in Kona.

Kealakekua Bay

Captain Cook is the common name for this unrivaled Kona snorkeling location, which is a wonderful marine preserve. A lot of gorgeous fish live on the coral reef in Kealakekua Bay, which is in extremely good shape.

You’ll most likely enjoy snorkeling at Captain Cook. Whether you arrive by boat, kayak, or by attempting the tough trail climb down. Depending on how you arrive the island you’ll most likely see the Captain Cook memorial, the historic Hawaiian temple (heiau), and the surrounding wooded area.

Honaunau Bay / Two Step

Honaunau Bay offers spectacular Kona snorkeling. Because you enter and exit using two submerged lava stairs, the actual location is known as “Two Step.” There is a sizable coral reef here, and there are numerous vibrant fish to see. This bay is located in the center of the Pu’uhonua O Honaunau State Historical Park, which is home to a number of historic cultural monuments. Pu’uhonua, which means “Place of Refuge,” was a haven for any Hawaiian who had suffered a military defeat or had breached kapu (sacred law). Honaunau Bay is one of the amazing locations for the best snorkeling vacations in Kona.