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Whale Watching Season On Maui

Are you ready for the whale watching season in Hawaii?


If seeing whales is something you’ve always wanted to do, don’t hesitate to book a vacation to Hawaii. From November through April is when thousands of North Pacific humpback whales visit Hawaii as part of their yearly winter migration. This period is known as the whale watching season in Hawaii and it’s the perfect time for whale watching on the island. Pacific humpback whales are the fifth largest whale species in the world, weighing 25 to 40 tons. These sea creatures are among the most amazing sights to behold on earth.


What’s the best month for whale watching season in Hawaii?

November through May are the best months for whale watching season in Hawaii. So wintertime is the best period for whale watching on Hawaii. Aside from watching whales during this period, there are fewer tourists, which means you’ll have to put up with fewer crowds. More so, you’ll have more space to do more things and explore the island as much as you want. Check this out if you’d like to go on a whale watch and reef snorkel tour in Kona.


Whale Watching Season On Maui


Whale migration to Hawaii begins in November, and it ends in late April or early May. The first whales to migrate are often mothers with calves, then juveniles, and ultimately adult whales. The best time to watch these aquatic giants is between November and May when the whale’s population peaks.


What’s the best time of the day for whale watching in Hawaii?


The best time of the day for whale watching is sunset or early morning. While you can go whale watching in Hawaii at other times of the day from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. is usually the best period to see the whales. If you’re on a private boat tour you won’t have to bother about the weather or rainfall while you’re on a whale watching tour.


What makes whale watching season so unique?


Every year, humpback whales in the North Pacific migrate nearly 3,500 miles from Alaska to Hawaii to mate and give birth. Kohola (humpback whales), according to marine experts, have been coming to Hawaii since the early Polynesian period (1–600 AD), where they have enjoyed the deep, warm waters, underwater visibility, and lack of predators.


The best location in Hawaii for shoreline whale watching is in Kona, and, as a quick tip: you may join a whale-watching cruise on private boat tours to get a close-up look at these exuberant animals!

Enjoy the whale watching season on private boat tours


One of the best and most convenient methods of enjoying the whale watching season is on private boat tours. Taking a guided boat excursion with an experienced captain and crew is the ideal way to get the most out of Hawaii’s whale watching season. You can learn about whale habits, spot them in the water, and perhaps even hear a whale song!