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Whale Watching Tours In Kona

Whale watching tours in Kona offer the perfect opportunity to watch humpback whales on the island.

Every winter, a large number of humpback whales start their lengthy journey from Alaska to Hawaii. Humpback whales migrate to Hawaii for two important reasons: mating and giving birth to young calves. They leave their native habitat and main feeding grounds in Alaska to do so.

Humpback whales can perform these two crucial tasks safely in the warm, protected seas off Hawaii. Every year, between December and April, you can take a trip down the Kona Coast to see humpback whales battling for the attention of females, mothers training their babies to dive, and if you’re very lucky, you’ll spot a newborn calf.

Kona and the Kohala Coast are two of the best areas to see these gentle giants interacting with one another and living in their natural habitat. The humpback whale migration from Alaska to the warm waters of Hawaii to mate and give birth lasts from late November to early May. Anyone can see these magnificent animals, and Kona is a great site to do so thanks to its tranquil, deep seas and sunny weather.

In Kona, Hawaii, you can observe whales from the beach or from a location nearby where you can see the ocean. While whale watching doesn’t take any special knowledge or training—you only need to look for spouting and large splashes. But the best way to enjoy whale watching on the island is to join whale watching tours in Kona.


Whale Watching Tours In Kona


Why whale watching tours in Kona are the best for you

Whale watching tours in Kona are the best to observe the whales up close in their natural habitat. The following are other key reasons why whale watching tours in Kona are right for you:

See Humpback whales in their habitat

Whale watching tours in Kona primary objective is to locate Humpback whales in their native habitat and to respectfully observe these enormous sea mammals. Watch whales perform a range of behaviors, including breaching, diving, blowing water out their blowhole into the air, and slapping the water’s surface with their fins. Being in the open sea with these Humpback whales is a memorable experience that cannot be compared to viewing them from the beach. Even more, you can observe these whales on a private customizable tour for a better personalized experience.

Explore the Kona Coast

Whale watching tours in Kona provide the perfect chance to explore the Kona coast. The beautiful and sparkling coastal waters of Kona provide the ideal habitat for seeing marine life since Maunaloa protects it from winds. The view of the Kona countryside, cliffs, and slopes of Maunaloa from the boat will give visitors a completely new perspective.

See other types of marine animals

One of the many species that reside in Hawaii are humpback whales. Keep a look out for turtles and dolphins in the crystal-clear waters while on whale watching tours in Kona. The likes of Pilot Whales, Beaked Whales, and Melon-headed Whales can be seen swimming in the ocean too.

Sunlight on Water whale watching tours in Kona

Sunlight on Water offers exciting whale watching tours in Kona. If you prefer whale watching on a private boat charter, Sunlight on Water will provide all you need for a memorable experience.

You can plan a tour or rent a boat to see these lovely animals. Enjoy the beautiful ocean scenery as your guides take you to the ideal locations to watch whales as they swim around surfacing, slapping their tails, or blowing spouts into the air. You can also whale watch and reef snorkel in Kona.