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reef snorkel in kona

Preparing for a reef snorkel in Kona is the easiest way to get the most out of a truly amazing experience!

But what if the thought of physically prepping for a reef snorkel in Kona makes you nervous? Well, here’s some good news: it’s actually rather straightforward! You don’t need to go to the gym for months or swim laps in preparation (though it would certainly help). Instead, simply take care of your body the night before and the morning of your reef snorkel in Kona.

That in mind, we’ve outlined below how to best prepare for a reef snorkel in Kona. Check this out:

Tips For Preparing For A Reef Snorkel In Kona

Keep in min the following tips to prepare for a fun reef snorkel experience:

How to prepare the night before the reef snorkel in Kona

While you won’t be snorkeling for many hours, how you feel the night before has a significant impact on how you’ll feel the next day. Here are some relevant tips to better prepare yourself:


Looking to go on a manta ray snorkel adventure? Make sure you get plenty of rest! You’re not running a marathon, but you’ll need to get enough rest if you don’t want to get tired quickly. It’s best to get up to seven to eight hours of sleep. But if you can get eight to ten hours, you’ll be feeling refreshed the next morning!


You’ll also want to make sure you have a healthy dinner the night before. Don’t overeat and try to avoid consuming a mountain of candies. When it comes to diet, as long as you have some excellent protein and carbs, you’ll be OK.

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It may seem strange to need hydration while you’re surrounded by water, but it’s critical to stay hydrated. If you’ve never traveled to a tropical location like Hawaii, the warmer temperatures will dehydrate you. Drink around a half-gallon of water the day before you snorkel, but spread it out throughout the day!


reef snorkel in kona


How to prepare in the morning before the reef snorkel in Kona

Here’s how to prepare in the morning prior to a reef snorkel in Kona:


Breakfast is often referred to be the most important meal of the day and with good reason! Breakfast is essential for fueling your body and providing you with the energy you need to get through the day! Make an effort to have a healthy breakfast, such as eggs and sausage. Sugary snacks like doughnuts and pastries should be avoided because they can make you fatigued in the water.


It may sound odd, but consider stretching before entering the water at the very least. Many people ignore stretching, although it makes a significant effect. You can use your muscles more effectively without pain or strain if you take the time to stretch them out.


Apply sunscreen to your skin before entering the water. Despite being in the water, you will not be protected from the sun’s dangerous UV rays. To keep your skin safe, choose an ocean-friendly sunscreen that doesn’t include any chemicals that are harmful to coral reefs. This is key while preparing for a reef snorkel in Kona.


You’ll need to hydrate once more! You’ve now added salty ocean to the mix, in addition to the warm climate. The salt in the water dries out your skin naturally, leading to dehydration.

Once you start snorkeling in Kona, whether fast or gradually, you will now be exerting your body. All of this implies that your body will want significantly more water! While snorkeling, don’t be scared to stop and drink some water.

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