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manta ray night snorkel tour in kona

Only a few experiences on the Big Island can be compared to the Manta Ray night snorkel tour in Kona.

The manta ray night snorkel tour is one of Kona’s most popular activities, and it’s only available in a few places on the planet. With the manta ray night snorkel tour in Kona, you can experience a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with huge manta rays, which can only be found on the Big Island of Hawaii.

There are two sites known for the manta rays that live there and are put on a display every night on the Big Island. As they come out to play and dine on minuscule plankton, you can get the chance to observe these gigantic and beautiful animals up close.

Manta ray night snorkel tour in Kona and diving tours on the Big Island are always on the list of the best things to do on the island. Let’s find out what the adventure feels like.

How does the manta ray night snorkel tour in Kona work?

Your guides will start your manta encounter by explaining everything there is to know about mantas. From the surface to the ocean floor, floating light boards are utilized to illuminate the water.

The plankton is attracted to the lights, and the mantas ate attracted to the plankton. You’ll float on the surface, hanging on to the light board, as the manta rays swoop in beneath you. Snorkeling requires very little effort. This is how the manta ray night snorkel tour in Kona work.

manta ray night snorkel tour in kona

Are you required to know how to swim?

No.  Most nights, we are tied off to the back of the boat and very little swimming will be required.  Just let your crew know that you will require extra assistance.  Most companies, like Sunlight On Water, offer flotation devices to assist you, as well as an in-water swim guide.  You will, however, need to be comfortable using a mask and snorkel and placing your face in the water, as the action will be below the service.

While witnessing the mantas, floatation gear is given to assist you to relax and floating flat on the surface. It’s crucial to remember that employing flotation devices isn’t a replacement for being able to swim and use snorkeling equipment. This is key to making the most of your manta ray night snorkel tour in Kona.

Are you guaranteed to see mantas?

Manta ray sightings in Kona are extremely common, with a success rate of 90-95 percent. In addition, some but not all manta ray night cruises provide a manta sighting guarantee, which entitles you to a free second tour if no manta rays are spotted.  Make sure to book this tour early in your trip, so you have time to reschedule if needed.

So, sit back and relax, you’ll most likely enjoy your manta ray night snorkel tour in Kona.

Enjoy your manta ray night snorkel tour in Kona

Big Island is the only spot where you may snorkel with manta rays. The majority of the cruises depart from Keauhou Bay and Honokohau Harbor.

Both of the departure points are convenient. If you’re planning on staying in Kona, it is recommended that you plan a tour departing from Honokohau Harbor if you are staying in Waikoloa, Kohala, or Hapuna.

The boat sets sail at sunset, when the manta rays emerge to feed on plankton and use a specially designed light board to attract the rays.

During the manta ray night snorkel tour in Kona, you can float for up to 40-60 minutes in the warm waters, watch the rays swim and feed with your snorkel, and learn more about the amazing creatures from your guide. The manta ray night snorkel tour in Kona is a thrilling experience you should never miss.

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