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Dolphin Adventure In Kona

Going on a dolphin adventure in Kona is one of the most exciting and remarkable things you can do on the island.


The most common type of dolphin seen on the Big Island is the spinner dolphin. Hundreds and hundreds of them can be seen all over the Kona Coast. When you come across these curious beautiful animals, you’ll most likely get the chance to observe them in groups of five to thirty.


Dolphins are very friendly animals and they are extremely intelligent too. A dolphin adventure in Kona is one of the best ways to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat without disrupting them.


Tips for a Dolphin adventure in Kona

These tips will make your dolphin adventure in Kona a memorable one:


What’s the best way to see dolphins in Kona?


One of the best ways to observe dolphins when visiting Hawai’i is to go on a snorkeling cruise like our Signature Dolphin Watch and Reef Snorkel in Kona. This tour takes you to two different snorkel locations, where sightings are (nearly) assured along the way.


Dolphin Adventure In Kona


Dolphin watch tours


You might see dolphins on your own while enjoying one of the many ocean activities on the Kona (Western) coast, but if you want to increase your chances of seeing them, you should schedule a dolphin watch excursion. These cruises visit well-known dolphin spotting areas, nearly guaranteeing sightings.


These type of adventures feature amazing boat tours that can last several hours. Snacks, water, and snorkeling equipment are usually provided to passengers on board, so make sure to ask about it when booking a tour.


While cruising to a dolphin watch tour, you’ll most likely find a morning trip with a good opportunity of seeing dolphins and other marine mammals. Though you’re not allowed to interact with the dolphins in the water, dolphins frequently approach the boat while they play in the surf behind it. This can be the highlight of your dolphin adventure in Kona! An experience definitely worth enjoying!


When is the best time to see dolphins?


The best time to spot dolphins in their natural habitat is early in the morning. Dolphins are nocturnal creatures that often go offshore at night to hunt and devour species such as squid and schools of baitfish. Then, in the morning, they come in and sleep in our bays and shallow areas. They favor sandy bottoms, and then rest by turning off half of their brain.


What to expect during a dolphin adventure in Kona


You can decide to go on a dolphin watch tour to get the most out of your dolphin adventure in Kona.


As the tour speed along the coastline after leaving the harbor, they’ll start looking for large pods of wild dolphins. This small speed boat allows everyone to observe dolphins once they’ve located the pods. This provides an advantage over those who cruise on larger boats with larger groups and may miss the dolphins swimming by!


Furthermore, you can go manta ray snorkeling on one of Kona’s many coral reefs! A compact speedboat allows for quick access to coral reef coves while also allowing for a more personal tour due to the smaller party size. Tropical fish, manta rays, turtles, and even whale fish will be encountered while snorkeling over the reef.