Dolphin Swim in Hawaii!!

Come experience a morning swim with us and the Dolphins on the beautiful Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii! The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins are year round residents so you can expect to see them whenever you are in Hawaii…

SunLight On Water, with Melainah, Michael and their exceptional staff, offer you the opportunity to have an experience that you will easily remember for the rest of your life – swimming with Dolphins that are wild and free in their natural habitat.

There is nothing that compares to the feeling of being in the ocean with the Dolphins! You can see Dolphins on tv, can visit them in captivity, and you can even see them from a boat – but swimming with them in their natural ocean habitat is a unique and magical experience that can touch you in ways you might not be able to imagine.

We’ve been conducting Dolphin Swims longer and more successfully than any other Hawaiian Dolphin Swim eco-tour operator for almost 20 years! We have a 99% success rate in finding the Dolphins each day! Equally important is the context within which we offer our tours. Our philosophy is one of total respect for the Dolphins, all marine life and the ocean.

NO DOLPHIN POLICY: We do NOT guarantee Dolphins. With a 98% success rate of encountering Dolphins, it is very rare that we do not find them. However, it does happen occasionally. They are free and wild in the Ocean and their appearance is beyond our control. No Refunds will be given for NO DOLPHINS….No Exceptions.

Before Covid-19 our policy was to invite you back at no cost should we not encounter Dolphins on your tour. However, with Covid-19 restrictions we are only allowed to operate at reduced capacity and are only running tours a couple of days a week. Due to the current restrictions, we are not able to offer return trips at this time. We hope to reinstate this offer at a future time when we are operating at full capacity and a full schedule. Mahalo for you understanding during these unprecedented times.

As we are making our way along the Kona Coast, relax and let yourself enjoy the feel of the wind and notice how the sun glints off the surface of the Ocean, hence our name, SunLight On Water. Take in the beautiful color of the Ocean as she beckons to you… The setting is perfect…

And then you see them– Spinner Dolphins spinning in the air to greet you! They love to ride the bow wake of our boat. They are sleek and graceful and exude absolute joy.

There is nothing like it.

After receiving instruction about the proper protocols for entering into the Dolphins’ world and receiving some insider tips on how to get the most out of your Dolphin swim, the moment comes when quietly and gently you ease into the water with these incredible Beings and join the Dolphin pod. It is completely safe, and a rewarding experience for the entire family. Children of all ages are welcome. If young children do not choose to go into the Ocean, for their safety, an adult must remain on board with them at all times. There is usually time for parents to take turns going into the Ocean. All you need is your sense of wonder and a willing Spirit.

During the winter, there is a good chance you will see Humpback Whales on the way to be with the Dolphins. Other interesting sea life has been known to pay us a visit as well such as Spotted Dolphins, Bottle Nose Dolphins, Whale Sharks, Pilot Whales, Manta Rays, Eagle Rays, the Honu (turtles) among others. Michael may even find an Octopus for you to see!

Captain Michael (aka China Mike), operated the first charter boat offering Dolphin Swims here in Hawaii. Michael and Melainah are both USCG Licensed Captains, and their boat, Uhane Nui O Nai’a, is one of the most comfortable around. They also have an exceptional kinship with these marvelous creatures, and can offer you a Dolphin experience unlike any other.

If swimming with Dolphins is something you have always dreamed of experiencing, please give us a call at SunLight On Water, and we will make your dream come true…

The crew will take photos of you on the boat and in the water. 10-15 photos will be provided to you at no extra cost.

All equipment is provided, snorkel gear, flotation if needed, as well as water/sodas, fruit, muffins and dry snacks. All you need to bring is a towel, sunscreen, cover-up and maybe a camera. Prescription masks are available in a limited range.

Personal items such as cameras, cell phones, or any other valuables brought on board are at your own risk.

You can read more about us, Michael and Melainah, and our connection to the Dolphins on our About page.


Swim with the dolphins up close while respecting their space.

8:00a.m.–12:00p.m. Check-in 7:30 a.m. Daily.

Provided: Snorkel gear, flotation as needed, swim guide(s) in Ocean with you, fresh fruit, muffins, water/juice/soda, and a variety of dry snacks. Covid 19 statement.

Click Here for Directions & Map to our departure site at Honokohau Harbor

Adults Retail Price: $135.00 / Special Online only Price: $120.00 (including all Taxes)

Children Retail Price: $95.00 / Special Online only Price: $85.00  (including all Taxes)

Kiddos Children 3 and under: $40.00

Ride Along with Passengers: $65.00 (including all Taxes)

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