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Types Of Whale Watch Tours On Big Island

whale watching season in hawaii

What is the best time of year to see whales on Big Island?

Although you can see whales as early as December, the perfect whale watching season lasts from mid-December to May (or even late November). Since you have the best odds of seeing whales from December through May, most whale cruise operators guarantee whale sightings during those months.

Since this is when most whales are already on the island, January through March is typically regarded as peak whale-watching season. Even more, you can always see whales from land during those months if you look out toward the water.


whale watch tour big island

Types of Whale Watching Tours on Big Island

There are several different tour options available to you if you want to get on the water to see the whales up close. These whale watch tours on the Big Island are often classified by the type of vessels or boats you’re on. These include:

  1. Catamaran
  2. Sailboat
  3. Raft
  4. Kayak
  5. Outrigger Canoe

Catamaran whale watch tours on Big Island

Catamarans are frequently used by whale-watching tour companies on the Big Island to transport large groups of people. On the huge catamarans, you’ll typically find groups of around 100 tourists. Although during prime whale watch season on the Big Island, you usually don’t have to worry about being unable to see through the crowd. They frequently do an excellent job of rotating the boat or spreading out the audience to ensure that everyone gets to see something.

Sailboat whale watch tours on Big Island

Compared to catamaran whale watch tours on the Big Island, setting out on a sailboat gives a more intimate encounter. Usually, sailboats will only have about 60 or fewer people on board. They might also provide extras like breakfast or mai tai cocktails.

Raft whale watch tours on Big Island

Another well known whale watch tour on the Big Island is rafting. Once you’re on this tour, you’ll go out on the water with a much smaller group. With a raft, you can travel more quickly than with a catamaran or sailboat, which allows you to cover more ground. Furthermore, you’re in a better viewing position because you’ll be closer and easily tell when a whale approaches.

Kayaking whale watch tours on Big Island

While observing whales, get some workout. Get in a kayak and paddle out to the whales with a guide. While these small group cruises can’t cover as much land as a typical boat tour, they do provide a thrilling, different experience. You can also learn about manta rays snorkel adventures.

Outrigger Canoe whale watch tours on Big Island

Embark in an outrigger canoe, the traditional mode of transportation for Hawaiians for millennia. This is a special way to get out on the sea and watch the whales because it is propelled by your arms. You won’t move as far as you would with a kayak. However, your tour guides will know the finest places to take you so you can watch whales.

What are the best whale-watching tours on Big Island?

Sunlight on Water whale watching tours are the best whale watching tours on the Big Island. You can choose from a variety of whale-watching tours including customized boat tours.

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