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Best Whale Watching Period In Kona

Best Whale Watching Period in Kona 1

When is the best whale watching period in Kona?

The best whale watching period in Kona is the morning. Humpback whales are mostly active during the day and this is the best time to observe this marine giants.

What makes morning the best whale watching period in Kona?

The weather and water conditions are what makes morning the best time to whale watching in Kona. When it comes to calm waters, the wind is a crucial factor, and early cruises frequently have less wind. The best time of day for whale viewing is when the ocean conditions are easy, breezy, and lovely because there is less wind and calmer waters.

Less wind in the morning, when whale watching is at its best, can also help you spot your favorite marine mammals. A good set of eyes is all that is required to find whales. The fin, fluke, or flop of a whale may be easier to see from a distance in a calm, flat sea if there are no waves caused by the wind.


Best Whale Watching Period in Kona


Some key factors will impact your whale watching experience on the island. This include the whale watching tourist company you choose, the type of boat you choose, and the crew’s level of experience. Perhaps the best ways to enjoy whale watching is to go on a private boat charter tour.

How to choose the right whale watching company in Kona

Knowing the best whale watching period in Kona isn’t enough for the best whale watching experience. Choosing the right whale watch tour operator is key. Here are some crucial pointers on what to watch out for and what inquiries to make before choosing a whale watching tour company in Kona:

What type of boats do they have?

You’ll have the option to either go for a public boat or a private one. Sunlight on Waters whale watching tour makes it easier for you to make the right choice. You can either go for a customizable private boat tour or join our usual whale watching tours. Most trustworthy operators will include a picture of their boat on their website.

Find out if the vessel guarantees some level of comfort

There are several key questions to ask to figure out the level of comfort to expect. Does the boat offer protection from the elements (wind, rain)? Does the ship have a bathroom? Is it a hard hull boat or a rubber duck? Will you be soaked? Will it rain on your camera? Is the boat appropriate for younger or older people or good enough for anyone?

How stable is the boat?

Are you susceptible to sea sickness? You are less prone to become seasick on a stable boat. If you’re not familiar with boats, it’s a little more difficult to figure this out.

Will you conveniently enjoy observing the whales?

What kinds of observation decks are available on the boat? Is the view unimpeded for me? How many other people will be aboard the boat with me and using the viewing area?

How experienced is the crew? 

The crew’s level of experience can also impact how easy and faster it is to spot humpback whales. If the crew has been in business for some years, they’ll most likely know where to look and how to approach the whales.

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