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Michael & Melainah Yee are your guides for a truly extraordinary and unique Hawaiian experience. Together, their great love and respect for the Dolphins, Whales and all who call the Ocean their home, is reflected in the sharing of their extensive knowledge and etiquette for swimming with free Dolphins.

Michael and Melainah met in 1998 when she first came to Hawaii to be with the Dolphins. In 2002, surrounded by their Ohana (family, friends and loved ones), they were married at sunset by Michael’s hanai Father, Kahuna Lanakila Brandt. Their deep personal, some might say magical, connection to the Dolphins was reflected when the Dolphins arrived just as the ceremony began, spinning and leaping out of the water during the entire ceremony! It’s this uncanny and special connection with the Dolphins that accounts for their 98% success rate of finding Dolphins on each Dolphin Swim.

Both Michael and Melainah are USCG licensed captains. “China” Mike has been surfing, diving and has captained boats on the Kona Coast for over 25 years and is one of the most experienced captains on the Big Island. He operated the first charter boat offering Dolphin Swims in Hawaii. While in his teens, he became a well known champion surfer in Hawaii and Southern California. He is a complete water-man, and his extensive knowledge of the coastline is unsurpassed. He is as comfortable in the water as most people are on land.

In 1999, Melainah returned to the Big Island for a two month sabbatical from Atlanta – she never left! She is a facilitator who teaches and hosts seminars on attaining self empowerment and remembering who we truly are. She offers Dolphin Retreats, retreats on Hawaiian Spirituality and retreats about the Ancient Land of Lemuria.

Together, Michael and Melainah are Kona’s unquestioned leaders when talking about experience with Dolphins. They are known internationally and have been featured on several television documentaries discussing the Human/Dolphin connection.

If you are seeking an experience that is out of the ordinary and that will connect you to the Aloha and Spirit of Hawaii there is simply no better tour operator than SunLight On Water with whom to experience these magnificent creatures.

We invite you to book your trip today and experience one of the most memorable days of your life.

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