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I begin my journey on the 40 foot vessel, Uhane Nui O Nai’a (Great Spirit of the Dolphin) rocking in the waves at dusk before the setting of the sun. The dolphins ride in our wake spinning in the air living up to their name-sake: spinner dolphins. The boat makes it to its destination where a new chapter of the journey will soon begin. Read the rest of this testimonial here….

“China and Melainah, Thank you so much for all of your thoughtful arrangements. We had wonderful days in the Big Island. Most of all, Taro is so excited to have encountered the Dolphins and the awesomeness of the island. The personal contact with you and all the Dolphins is the highlight of our trip. Once again we would like to thank you sincerely.”

~ Mayu Terashima, TV Programming Dept., Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc.

Aloha Melainah & Michael, Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo! I would come again to Hawaii just to swim with the Dolphins. That was the ultimate for me. You both are so very special it was a joy to be in your presence. Mahalo!”

Love & Light ~ Gail B., Canada

“Aloha, Our family…just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful day with you last week…all the family were blown away by our swim with you and the Dolphins and pilot Whales…they told a lot of people about it…aloha and BIG HUGS!!!”

~ Richard and Margaret, California

” want to thank you two for a wonderful day. We couldn’t stop talking about our experience and how magical it was. It was unforgettable, and for me the best part of my trip to Hawaii”

~ Destiny

“Aloha and many greetings from your new friends in England!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FAB PHOTOS!!! Hugely appreciated and a very wonderful way to remember our ‘truly awesome’ experience from which we still haven’t recovered. Bless you both for being so thoughtful. Our day out on the ocean with both of you and our Dolphin friends can only be described as one of the most memorable, magical and spiritual times of our lives. We are truly grateful for all that you did to make that day special for us. Thank you for your assistance in the water Mike! I would not have received what I needed without your guiding hand. Also a special thanks from Mr Tristan, our son, to both of you for all your care and concern and for trying to teach him some snorkelling skills!!”

~ Sharon, Mark, Jenny and Tristan, England

“Hi Michael and Melainah, Thank you so much for the beautiful morning yesterday with the Dolphins, Whales, friends, and you. We feel so blessed to have had this life-changing experience and will cherish the life-long memories that the two of you helped us create. Many blessings to you and love.”

~ Darcy and David A.

“Aloha, our captain Michael! I am a Japanese you guided on September 27, I want express my thanks to you, and write this mail. I really appreciate you to take me to swim with the Dolphins and healing tour from the ocean. The experience fill our heart with grateful joy and peace.”

~ Chie K, Japan

“Melainah, I want to thank you and Mike once more for your guidance in the water and help to overcome my fear of the ocean. I had this wonderful experience lying in the water underneath me were two Dolphins…Thank you both for helping me to be in balance again with the element water.”

Blessings of Love, ~ AnneMarie, Netherlands

“I just returned home from the most wonderful trip I’ve ever had — due to you and Michael’s wonderful swims. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the kind of magic you both bring to the planet. I plan to return again and again. Just a sublime experience!”

Much love ~ Melinda

“Aloha Melainah! I wanted to be in touch to let you know how profound this morning’s excursion was and is for me. Actually, you are right and I cannot truly do that yet. I am still in overwhelm…A very big Mahalo to you and to Michael for the wonderful work that you do.”

Love and light ~ Dana

“Good morning, Melainah. You ought to have seen the shining faces of everyone coming back from that trip out with you! They were all talking at the same time about the masses of Whales and Dolphins everywhere, they were just gleaming! What a trip!”

~ Eva, Australia

“Aloha Melainah, I am now back in Portland. It was so great meeting you. It was truly a magical experience that I can only compare to dreams…being in the water with the Dolphins was like being in space with angels…I hope to do it again someday. That day was powerful with the Whales as well. I definitely want to see you again and swim with the Dolphins again.”

Many blessings, love and light! ~ Emily, Oregon

“Hello Captain China! Our journey with you made our whole trip!! We can’t stop sharing our incredible adventure of swimming with the Dolphins and pilot Whales. We are referring your fantastic adventure to all our friends.”

~ Jill, Dave and Kelsey Paul

“Melainah, Thanks Thanks Thanks to you and Mike for introducing me to the Dolphins and Whales and to the ancient mysteries and everything else. Please thank the Dolphins and Whales for me and tell them I’ll be back there soon.”

Aloha! ~ Julie I, California

“Mahalo, For the wonderful boat trip…Johanna have never met Dolphins before, she was really delighted. And I’m so pleased to go out with you, I feel so safe and taken care of.”

Aloha ~ Siv, Sweden

“Mahalo again, you impact lives beyond the day we meet in such healing ways, the ripple is so pono…Maika’i Pu’uwaiu’i!

~ Karen B., Honolulu, Hawaii

“Hi Melainah and China Mike, THANK YOU! For the boat ride, the Dolphin and Whale experiences, and most of all for the Lemurian connection. I am grateful and happy to have met you.”

~ Sameer, California

“Aloha Michael and Melainah. Just a note to ‘Thank You’ so much for the yesterdays and for Today on the magnificent ocean with the Majestic Beings! I can feel that you do what you do as our Guardians and Hosts with love and joy, but I also appreciate that it takes a lot of all different types of ‘energy’ to offer this experience to all of us. I cannot express what is in my heart adequately to you both for the many experiences that I have had on your boat, out in the incredible ‘Blue’ but I had to give it try! Today was so wonderful and sacred to me – an experience that I will treasure forever.”

Mahalo, Me Ke Aloha! ~ Janice H., Kona, Hawaii

“Dear Melainah and Michael, Back home since one week, I’m still in the wave of the Ocean and its habitants. I thank you ever so much for the quality of your accompaniment and friendship. I discovered so much and it is going on maturing in me, rewarding and fulfilling my heart and my soul on my way in life. THANK YOU. I wish you all the best.”

LOVE AND LIGHT! ~ Christine, Switzerland

“Dear Captain Mike and Melainah, Just a short note to say Thank You for the wonderful Whale Watching trip yesterday, we had such a fantastic time! We live in Ocean View, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing you again, and we’ll spread the word about your trips, Whale and Dolphin.”

~ Pam & Jim, Ocean View, Hawaii

Aloha! My husband and I just recently returned from our vacation in Kona to our home here in Texas filled with wonderful memories of Hawaii and the Aloha Spirit! Those memories are in large part due to your WONDERFUL staff who went above and beyond to make our trip truly enjoyable and magical for us.

It all started when we booked a dolphin trip with you which was amazing! You have such a friendly staff that encouraged us and kept telling us what a great group we were. We saw bottle nose dolphins as well as spinner dolphins! Magical!! Nothing negative was said during the entire tour and the excitement and knowledge of your staff was something as a school teacher I both appreciate and admire. They were there in the water to guide us and direct us and truly shared this magical moment with us. We were able to purchase the DVD and have great memories and a super video to share with all our friends and family!

The following night, we had booked a manta ray dive with another tour boat. The experience was the complete opposite of the one we had experience with Sunlight on the Water. Their staff was not welcoming, friendly and did not get in the water and guide us in the water during this night snorkel. They gave us a big floaty ring to hang on to and said go swim to the campfire. I was not sure what that meant at the time.

My husband and I were also asked to keep an eye on two other tourists from our boat who did not know how to swim well and due to a language barrier we were not able to communicate with them very well. We felt overwhelmed, disappointed and kind of lost to say the least. However, as we were swimming around in the dark trying to find where to go, one of your staff members, Andy, recognized us from the tour the day before and was the only one helping to guide us on where to go. We thought what a relief to see a friendly face and although we did not see any manta rays that night out, we did feel great appreciation for his help. We are very thankful for his help and kindness.

So the following night, we went on a third tour group that said they were the only company to “guarantee” a manta sighting. Their staff was friendly and we did see the mantas however we still felt your staff was by far the best and most helpful group we experienced on our vacation in Kona.

In short, our experience with Sunlight on Water was by far the best experience about our vacation in Kona. Your friendly staff, help and guidance we received is greatly appreciated. Sunlight on the Water is the only tour guide highly recommended to all our friends/family/coworkers. We look forward to another great adventure with Sunlight on Water next year and for years to come!”

Brian & Amber


Just got back home to London yesterday where it is snowing! Just wanted to thank you and the crew for the wonderful time we had with dolphins and especially with the whaleshark! It was a great experience being able to see and interact with these creatures in their own environment! The kids loved it and so proud to tell everyone that they went snorkeling in the ocean, swimming alongside the dolphins and the huge whaleshark.

Thank you all!
Joel, Donna, Jonathan & Dania

I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation of your guides. On November 30, my niece Sarah and I joined you on a dolphin swim trip. This was a wonderful experience. Our guide Andy, the woman who assisted him (I’m not sure what her name was) and our Captain Spencer, were fantastic. Most importantly I wanted to thank our guide Andy for helping to make Sarah’s day extra special. He spent extra time with her, helped me move her through the water, and even took her camera to go get close up photos that she couldn’t get herself (they turned out great). Being that Sarah was celebrating her 10th birthday on this day with the dolphins, Andy brought her a muffin with a glow stick as a candle and we sang Happy Birthday to her. Everyone treated her with such kindness. She beamed and glowed for days about this special trip. I just wanted to thank you all and express my sincere appreciation for the extra attention. Neither of us will forget this special day.

Cheers 🙂

I wanted to send a HUGE THANK YOU to you, and China Mike and Martina and everyone else at Sunlight on the Water. Swimming with the dolphins was a life long dream, and the experience my 11 year old and I had with you guys went beyond everything I imagined.

First the morning greeting to the sun and the gods, and our group breath. Well it set the tone for the love and community experience that was the entire day.

Then there was the experience in the water with the 300 dolphins. Well I still don’t have words for it. The feeling will always be with me.

Then there was the staff, with all their warmth, smiles, and gentle guidance. It was after we were back on the boat that I realized, in all my excitement to be with the dolphins, I had left my 11 year old in the ocean on his own! My horrible feeling was quickly replaced with such gratitude that the staff kept their eye on him for me. He had his own miracles with the dolphins who really liked to dive and play with him. Thank you is such a simple set of words, and it’s all I have to offer, know that it’s filled with everything in my heart.

The DVD we purchased of our time in the water is so brilliant. We have shared it with so many friends who can’t believe our experience…people who have swam with dolphins in other places, and have not experienced the world you introduced us to. Martina you are a beautiful soul, with a talent behind the lens!

Blessings to each and everyone of you.

Shelley & Kyle

Greetings from North Carolina, I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful morning a few weeks ago while we were visiting your beautiful island. China Mike was a wonderfully informative Captain and my first ever snorkeling event was spectacular! The dolphins were beautiful and graceful and they are embedded in my memory forever. That’s a good thing because my husband deleted his pictures of them accidentally as well as all the pics he had taken of the shoreline and caves and water and even a great one of China Mike driving the boat. We were heartsick but our memories live on. We are waiting for the DVD from Martina…. We do have a very good picture of the manta ray though. Anyway, thank you for a very exciting and memorable time.

Donna and Bob

I would just like to say a huge Thank-you to China for the fantastic dolphin swim (Feb 13th–it was the 11.5 trip, on a scale of 1-10!). It was an amazing, sacred experience. Now that I am back home (Flagstaff, Arizona), I take this experience with me and keep that wonderful energy in my heart.
Also, China, thank-you for the ceremony beforehand. That was very special too. I felt like the spirits were with us on multiple levels. I hope to come back someday soon.
Aloha Melainah and Mike
Wanted to express our appreciation for your efforts in enabling us to swim with the dolphins and view the whales on our recent trip to the “Big Island”. Your trip was the most memorable activity we had while on your island. Next time we will try the manta swim. When we first started thinking about your trips I thought of it a cool thing to do and did not really buy in to the spirituality of the time in the water with the dolphins but after the trip I realized I had that kind of experience. Thank you Mahalo from Idaho

Dear Melainah,

I am writing to thank you for the Manta Ray snorkel swim I went on last Thursday.

It was certainly an awesome experience. And I really enjoyed the particular way that your company runs the trips — not too many passengers and friendly crew who were professional and yet informal. (Michael didn’t go out on the trip that evening, but I did get to meeet him as he got things set up before we went out. The other boats out there had way more people, and some of the people seemed more stressed.

It was a perfect experience for me – relaxing and exciting at the same time – and I will certainly recommend it for others who are going to be in the area.

Thanks again.


Melainah & Michael, Eddie, Andy, and Team, MANY THANKS for making our 2 trips with you such memorable experiences. We received both of our DVDs from Martina. We spent this evening toasting our new president & watching our manta ray & dolphin swims from our Sunlight On Water adventures in December. A perfect evening! A perfect vacation. We hope to see you again soon. Best wishes for the new year!
Annie & Don
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